INTAG offers an Integrated biological growing platform for specialty crops, tree nurseries, and orchards. In these deployments, the INTAG biodigester performs a dual function; both as a nutrient source and as the growing media or substrate in which the crops take root. For many crops that are nutrient intensive (i.e. flowering and fruiting crops) or which have heavy root mass (i.e. trees, bushes, cannabis, hemp), INTAG’s proprietary gravel bed systems provide exceptional growing media with many benefits to accelerated growth and plant health.

Increased Yield
Increased Yield:
INTAG’s proprietary processes have consistently demonstrated significantly increased growth speeds for many plant types and also have independent, lab tested benefits on the quality and nutritional content of food crops.
Nutrient Recycling
Nutrient Recycling:
INTAG systems are capable of recapturing nutrients from solid waste streams including plants, fish, poultry and livestock production. Our systems are built to zero discharge or environmentally compliant discharge levels.
Lower Operating Costs [Farming]
Lower Operating Costs:
INTAG integrated agriculture systems have lower operating costs than traditional hydroponics and aquaponics systems primarily because we don’t need to source mineral nutrients. Our systems provide optimal nutrients, eliminating the need and expense of buying harvested minerals from mines.  Farmers who switch to INTAG systems will see up to a 65% decrease in production costs.