INTAG is a sustainable agriculture company that exists to solve problems for the people who feed the world. Our biological solutions help reduce the environmental impacts of food and agriculture production while increasing yields for farmers. INTAG systems bring microbial life and other beneficial organisms together to create powerful biological and organic nutrient solutions for modern food and agriculture.

Integrated agriculture uses combinations of natural systems to create sustainable, resilient, hyper-efficient environments (ecosystems) for controlled growing. We minimize waste, reduce dependency on pesticides and synthetic chemicals in the growing process, and maximize the nutrient content, flavor, and productivity of naturally grown food, all while reducing or eliminating contaminants. We provide solutions that are sustainable, scalable, repeatable, transparent, and easy to use.

The most powerful inventions are inspired by nature, and we create elegant solutions for the world’s pressing needs.  INTAG harnesses the simplicity of nature to create technology that helps people and communities sustain themselves and thrive.

Food Production:

INTAG enables food and agriculture producers to naturally enhance the taste and nutritional quality of their produce, while accelerating growth, reducing waste, and lowering operating costs in nutrient supply, water usage, and environmental compliance. Our technology replicates processes found in nature to produce all-natural nutrient supply for hydroponic and aquaponic plant production. INTAG-designed systems recycle all water, require no drainage, and waste no nutrients – with profound benefits for the taste, nutritional value, and diversity of produce. We have boosted the reliability and success of aquaponics to achieve the production of more than 30 types of fruits and vegetables, cultivation of fish and other protein sources, and a simplicity of design and methods that even a novice can master in months instead of years.

Nature’s wetland is a perfect model for harmonious efficiencies in recycling nutrients and sustaining growth. We have adapted processes found in wetlands, to enhance low energy and low-cost water purification, recirculation and nutrient delivery systems, and we recreate these processes in a controlled setting to improve agricultural production and boost performance. Crops grow faster with greater yield and improved predictability, all while improving nutrient content and flavor.  The layered and beneficial biology in our ecosystems contributes to the sustainability and success of the whole.

Education & Workforce:

INTAG powers living laboratories for holistic STEM/STEAM educational experiences and real-world science. For K-12, higher education, and workforce development programs, INTAG provides powerful learning environments for career-oriented, project-based learning that touches the full spectrum of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), agriculture, and business education.

Students learn, in standards-aligned lesson plans, all phases of design, installation, and operation of aquaponic systems. Systems and curriculum are focused on career pathways in STEM fields and include real-world training in systems design, localized agriculture, food safety, marketing, entrepreneurship, and commercial distribution of the products (fish, fruit, and vegetables).

INTAG works with schools to provide systems and curriculum designed to support innovative education tracks in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts, and Mathematics) education. The curriculum includes engineering modules for water flow, chemistry, horticulture, accelerating growth cycles, harvesting techniques, food safety, and wholesale distribution of the products.  INTAG also provides programming and curriculum for small business, entrepreneurial education, nutrition, and e-commerce, centering on food production.