INTAG research systems deliver engineered indoor ecosystems. Featuring significant advances in microbiology, precision lighting techniques, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) INTAG systems provide an ideal Controlled Environment Ecosystem for scientific study. With uniquely engineered biological systems that mimic nature, enhanced by environmental controls, these living laboratories can provide the ideal conditions for diverse fields of study including:

  • Medicinal Plants, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Research
  • Biology, Microbiology, Botany  
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Healthcare, Nutrition & Life Sciences
  • Agri-therapy

Our unique science can be adapted to the nearly any leading configuration on the market – vertical farming or traditional, hydroponic, aquaponic or aeroponic delivery systems. We recycle all water, require no drainage, and waste no nutrients – with profound benefits for produce growers in competitive markets. And, for other applications in traditional commercial agriculture, our systems can even be used to remediate contaminants in water and process nutrient waste streams from commercial fish, poultry and livestock farming.

INTAG technology delivers proven benefits in:

  • Enhancing the taste and nutritional value of produce
  • Accelerating plant growth and nutrient absorption
  • Increasing the diversity of produce that can be grown indoors or in challenging environments
  • Eliminating the need for synthetic additives to deliver nutrients to plants in water
  • Enabling ‘zero discharge’ recirculating nutrient systems in hydroponic and aquaponic systems
  • Processing both liquid and solid waste in aqueous environments
  • Remediating excess nitrogen, phosphorous and other waste streams from agricultural run-off

INTAG offers research systems in the following sectors