September 1, 2017


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – INTAG completed the installations of two new aquaponics systems at Fairfield High School in south-central Pennsylvania. The new systems serve as a production facility and science lab for interactive STEM/STEAM learning, using aquaponics and horticulture as the core subject matter.

Fairfield gutted the interior space of an existing 1200-square foot greenhouse and replaced it with an INTAG Aquaponics STEM Lab 100 as well as a large, INTAG custom built production system.  Students are now growing cucumbers, tomatoes, bok choy, a couple of different varieties of Romaine lettuce, loose leaf mix, an okra plant, sweet basil, Swiss chard, and kale.

The varietal lettuces from the custom built system will be used in Fairfield’s school cafeteria on Fridays for “Pizza and Salad Day.” Students also plan to grow and distribute microgreens and edible flowers to a local restaurant at Ski Liberty.

“My students really love working in the system everyday and they are so proud to have this system in their school,” said Jennifer Fleener, a science teacher and Future Farmers of America (FFA) advisor at Fairfield. She first saw an INTAG system at the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show and was the recipient of INTAG’s mobile unit giveaway. After using the mobile unit in her classroom over the school year, she encouraged the district to invest in a larger system for schoolwide use.

“Everyday is such a new and exciting learning experience for them,” Fleener explained. “They love the hands on work, troubleshooting, as well as figuring out how to grow more, learning what thrives in the system. Next, they will each be getting their own square in one of the media beds so they can start experimenting on their own with different plants!”

INTAG systems combine conventional aquaculture (raising fish and other aquatic life in tanks) and hydroponics (producing plants in water rather than soil) into a symbiotic system that yields superior nutrient content, 60% faster growth with 95% less water use, zero discharge, without pesticides or synthetic chemicals. INTAG’s hands-on learning, unique curriculum, and award-winning training modules are attractive to educators involved in pre-K through graduate level.

Integrated Agriculture Systems (INTAG), provides commercial solutions for food production, wastewater remediation, and STEM/STEAM education. INTAG aquaponics systems are used by commercial food producers, small batch growers, restaurants, farmers, and others, and more than 40 schools in Pennsylvania and Maryland to teach STEM/STEAM education and 21st century workforce development.

INTAG Media Contact:
Amanda Martin Owens