INTAG Completes Feasibility Study in Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia
September 30, 2019
Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

INTAG Systems has completed a feasibility study and system design for the first commercial-scale aquaponics system in Armenia. MAquaponics LLC, owned by an Armenian family, is creating a new urban farm in the village of Ddmashen which is located just south of Lake Sevan. This system will be Armenia’s first large-scale aquaponics operation designed to provide workforce development opportunities and fresh produce year-round. While there are other aquaponic operations in the region, the MAquaponics project will be the largest of its kind.

Ani Mkrtchyan, CEO of MAquaponics, has a clear vision for her community, “Sustainability and the lack of chemical fertilizers used by INTAG Systems were the driving force for working with INTAG.” MAquaponics is planning to produce fresh greens, lettuce, and other vegetables for the markets and restaurants in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city. 

The initial construction will be a 350 sq meter greenhouse followed by a subsequent build of an additional 350 sq meter greenhouse.  MAquaponics is contracting with a local agricultural engineer to secure the greenhouse and add additional design elements. 

The INTAG team was lead by Paul Nickerson, INTAG Co-Founder and VP of Applied Sciences. “It is an incredible privilege to make a difference to communities around the world with our technology. We have been connected to the MAquaponics team for several years and to see their vision for economic empowerment and accessibility to low-cost produce come to life in partnership with us is truly exciting.” 

INTAG exists to solve problems for the people who feed the world. Our sustainable biological technologies help reduce the environmental impacts of food and agriculture production while increasing yields for farmers and growers. Our integrated systems bring microbial life and other beneficial organisms together to create powerful biological solutions for 21st Century food and agriculture.