INTAG featured at the 2018 PA Farm Show

January 10, 2018

INTAG is featured in the “Know Your Farmer” exhibition area of the 102nd Pennsylvania Farm Show through January 13th. This year’s interactive booth includes several learning stations for children and adults to engage with aquaponics, variable spectrum lighting, fluid dynamics, water chemistry and more.  abc27 News interviewed Paul Nickerson, INTAG vice president of applied sciences, regarding INTAG’s aquaculture technology.

Nickerson also explains the importance of controlled environment agriculture and education in the 2018 PA Farm Show Facebook live.

INTAG also proudly partnered with Cumberland Valley High School in the Farm Show’s “Gardens of the Future” competition. Cumberland Valley earned its first ever Best in Show and 3rd Place overall with a display of a futuristic home patio garden and aquaponics-based design.  “It’s a really terrific experience for students to learn 21st century skills,” said Jessica Weyer, Cumberland Valley High School plant science teacher. “The landscape is a huge inquiry project that they have to design and problem solve all along the way. It’s neat to see how excited they are about the end product.”


Kunkel Elementary School in the Middletown Area School District served as ambassadors for INTAG aquaponics at the Farm Show. Kunkel’s 4th and 5th graders are studying  LED lighting and its effects on the growth cycle of plants, as well as fluid dynamics, the nitrogen cycle, and solar energy — many of the interactive stations comprising INTAG’s 2018 Farm Show display. Students particularly enjoyed learning about the Roto-Gro system that rotates as many as 420 plants around LED lighting producing higher yields, uniform growth, and better flavor in crops.

Kunkel students also enjoyed a question and answer session with Crystal Huff, INTAG’s agriculture specialist.