INTAG Natural Nutrient Systems drastically reduce nutrient dosing rates in hydroponic tomatoes.

Delph, The Netherlands
August 21, 2019
INTAG Natural Nutrient Systems hydroponic tomatoes
Hydroponic tomatoes

INTAG Systems (USA) and Groen Agro Control (NL) have completed the first phase of validation trials comparing the proprietary technology of the INTAG Natural Nutrient Systems (INNS) to the best-in-class synthetic hydroponic fertilizers.

The preliminary results are very encouraging and point to lower fertilizer costs, increased crop yields, and the ability to replace chemical fertilizers in hydroponic growing. INTAG and Groen Agro Control will look to expand the trials to explore the application of INNS technology to include additional animal waste streams that have varied nutrient profiles.

Two INNS systems were operated using ide (fish) waste as the input and one hydroponic growing system with traditional chemical hydroponic fertilizer. Total tomatoes produced, total ripe tomatoes, plant materials, roots, fruit/plant ratio, and total plant biomass were all measured during the trials. Detailed results, metrics, and commentary can be found in the full trial report.

Groen Agro Control lead Scientist, Ard Jan Grimbergen said, “We were surprised that the total biomass produced in the INTAG Natural Nutrient Systems and the control systems were comparable, whereas, the nutrient concentrations found in results from the INNS were about 5-10 times lower. The quality of the fruit was also improved in both taste and weight. These results indicate that it is possible to disrupt the widely accepted practices for traditional tomato culturing using the classical fertilization protocols.”

Bob Donaldson, CTO of INTAG Systems, added, “We have long known that the proprietary technology of INTAG Systems can produce a highly effective, all-natural, fertilizer derived from organic waste streams. It is excellent news that a lab with the experience and reputation of Groen Agro Control is getting the same results. As we expand the trials to additional waste streams, we look forward to rolling out new commercial products for customers looking for reliable organic nutrient solutions.”

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