To build custom systems that provide a consistent supply of fresh, organically grown, hard-to-source products for The Garlic Poet restaurant and The JDK Group catering operations.

After an initial site analysis and planning, INTAG designed two custom aquaponics systems within a former bank retail space turned urban garden and event venue, Ladder & Vine. The systems provide a continual supply of microgreens (350 lbs per month) and other traditionally high-price-point products like edible flowers, while also seamlessly integrating into the interior design aesthetics of a unique event space.

Innovative chefs and restaurateurs face the continual problem of adequate sourcing. They seek the ability to find consistency of product in the appropriate, variable quantities year-round. The chefs and business owners of The JDK Group, a US Top 50 Catering Company, and The Garlic Poet, an inventive, award-winning restaurant in central Pennsylvania, approached INTAG for a long term solution to quickly and efficiently source hard-to-find and traditionally high-priced ingredients. INTAG designed and installed two aquaponics systems within Ladder & Vine. The systems allow chefs to grow on demand to meet event, artistic, and seasonal needs — and vertically integrate the production of micro-greens, lettuces, edible flowers, and specialty produce for use by all of their chefs, restaurants, and event venue operations.

The systems also help the chefs and restaurateurs fulfill their commitment to providing patrons with the ultra fresh, high-nutrient, locally grown produce — without a carbon footprint or added logistics. The staff harvests on-site or within several miles of an event. The closed loop aquaponics systems produce no discharge or waste and use no pesticides or synthetic chemicals, yielding organically grown, beautiful produce that grows 60% faster and with 95% less water than traditional farming. INTAG’s intuitive design enables exceptionally simple ease of use and maintenance.

The two aquaponics systems span 1000 square feet with 500 square feet of grow area and include 210 gallon fish tanks, media beds, float beds, and vertical tower arrays.

In the fall of 2017, Ladder & Vine will offer part of its facility for education and laboratory use for a local high school. One of the media beds will be used as part of an alternative education program once a week, as well as the field site for a high school biology class once a week.

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