In January 2019, INTAG was engaged by the University of Hawaii to look at how the aquaponic techniques developed by INTAG could be used to enrich student research and learning. This was a continuation of previous work that INTAG has done engaging colleges and universities in cutting edge and validation research.


As the first stepping stone toward developing strategic research and learning opportunities with the University of Hawaii, INTAG implemented a small aquaponic system at the University of Hawaii Shidler Business School to help students begin to think about the role that agriculture and food security play in international business and politics.


One of INTAG’s Founders, and Senior Advisors, Dr. Ed Harrell is a Professional in Residence at the Pacifica Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE), housed at the University of Hawaii, Shidler Business School. His work at PACE is focused on training students of all ages to look at the world through the lenses of entrepreneurship, business development, and geopolitics, in order to better engage the people around them to work toward a more sustainable future. This drive has aided INTAG in integrating food systems and sustainable agriculture technologies into student learning across the country.

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